A Short Talk about Caves

G has been interested in geology for the last few years.  Since we live so close to so many cave systems (which may or may not be one system), we decided to visit a couple in the area.

The two that we visited are Skyline Caverns and Luray Caverns.  They were both very different.  Skyline is more cave like, more intimate, cozy…if you can call a cave cozy.  Their claim to fame is their anthodites.  These are rare white crystals made of calcium carbonate.

Because geology involves elements, minerals, etc. this was a great way to work Chemistry into our lessons.  We discussed the colors of the rocks and what caused these colors like Iron (red), Manganese (grey), and Calcite/Calcium Carbonate (white).

She learned about formations: Stalactites, Stalagmites, Soda Straws, Flowstone, and Draperies.  G enjoyed these so much she came home and created clay models of them.

Luray Caverns was more commercial.  The paths were more accessible and the openings were wider.

Both places offered other attractions.  We only took a few pictures at Skyline and because of the lighting, which was better for the caves, weren’t so beneficial for posterity.  So the pictures that follow are from our trip to Luray Caverns.

We took advantage of a lot of the activities.  However, knowing what I know now, I would have gotten their earlier.

Enjoying the Maze!
That’s a LOT of ROCK!
When a child is interested…it shows!
Hard to capture the beauty on film
Sometimes I actually catch genuine emotions
Amazing what a bag of dirt can do
A great way to end the day
Always time for some introspection






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  1. Alice parks says:

    beautiful pics can not wait to see them all lol


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