Weeks on the road!

Since we have been traveling since the end of November it has been increasingly difficult to get our blogs written in a reasonable amount of time.  We have visited about 15 – 20 sites in the last few weeks.  We have traveled from NYC through to Tennessee and back to Pennsylvania.  In about 23 days we have traveled to Revolutionary War sites, Civil War sites, and also numerous famous historic figures and landmarks.

I won’t be able to get all of our sites listed in this one post, because of the amount of information and images.  However, it is my intention, to get them all posted when I get sometime to create individual blogs about our adventures.

I think that I will take advantage of this brief moment to post about our interesting discovery when we visited two separate sites, not realizing that we would have questions asked at one site, but answered at another.

G and I were visiting my family near Valley Forge, but found that there was a non NPS site about Daniel Boone that was just a few more minutes down the road from Hopewell Furnace.  I will have to add those pictures later as they are not at my disposal.

At Cumberland Gap
At Cumberland Gap National Historic Park Visitor Center
This was a hidden jewel!  Cumberland Gap Historic Park had a quaint town you can visit.  The park itself has trails, a cave, and great monuments that really tie together the nature and the history of the area.

G really enjoyed the hands on exhibit area and learning about the animals that live in the area between Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky (Kan -tuck-ee)

And the absolute BEST part of this park was the trails to both the highest area ‘The Pinnacles’ and also to the gap itself!  G and I went to both areas and loved being able to take pictures of ourselves in 3 states at once!


I have already downloaded the other pictures of the PA Boone site onto my home computer, so I will have to add those pictures later.  However, as I started earlier, originally we visited the Boone family homestead in PA and it was a wonderfully quaint museum that is run by a non profit (I believe).  G learned a lot about the pioneer’s home life, but still was not certain about why Daniel Boone was famous.

At the last minute, G and I decided to travel to Cumberland Gap having little understanding of what it was.  Since we have been traveling to as many NHPs as possible, we didn’t want to pass by an opportunity; it was so close in proximity to where we were staying in Tennessee.


So in the end G learned (and walked on) the gap that Boone along with up to 300,000 settlers from Virginia through the gap leading to the wilds and opportunities of Kentucky.
I hope to complete more blogs as soon as I can…I hope you are enjoying them!


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