Brown Vs Board of Education on Martin Luther King Junior Day!


G and I have been traveling all over the Southwest: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.  We are having to take a break since while traveling the weather took a turn for the worse in the East.  Currently we are in Kansas enjoying all that the state has to offer.  Our plans worked out perfectly!  We arrived in Kansas in time to visit the Brown Vs Board of Education site in Topeka, Kansas on Martin Luther King Junior Day.  The park provided some extra activities including making valentines for members of the community and information about Harvestors that collects food for the needy.  Visitors got to make buttons promoting how they plan to improve equality or how they hope to help others in their communities.

The exhibit area was very emotionally charging.  It puts visitors into the shoes of those individuals who needed for a basic human right.  It also made it possible for G and I to have a conversation about how these injustices are still occurring and how we constantly need to strive to treat ALL people equally and with compassion.

We hope to be able to start back to home in a day or two and have a TON of photos and experiences to share with you.


G and her cousins pondering a work of art


A moment of solitude


Making buttons with a purpose
Recruiting new Junior Ranger members
So EXCITING! The badge is WOODEN!!


As always we used our #everykidinapark pass for 4th graders and we strongly encourage you to #findyourpark this year!

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