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As we started on our way West, I happened to call my dad to let him know where G and I were planning on heading.  He mentioned that I should consider going to Cahokia Mounds.  To be honest, I thought…’Ok, Dad.  Sure I will take her to some remote state site.’  I told him I would think about it, and if it wasn’t too far off our route I would consider taking a few minutes to check it out.  As it turned out, it was about 3 miles off of our intended road.  I thought, well this is either fate or a complete waste of time.  WHO KNEW!  What a great museum!  So worth our time and FREE, but we ended up leaving a decent size donation because it was so worthwhile.

To give a little insight, this site explains the prehistory of the Natives that were living in America.  The park service has Effigy Mounds in Iowa, but this site is like a hub to all the Native groups that built mounds.  They did a very good job explaining how and why these people built the mounds.

This was also very useful when we got to a special site in New Mexico, Chaco culture.  Both societies had ‘hubs’ at these sites and it was interesting to know that these groups were so wide spread.  Generally, people think that you have to go to South America or to Egypt to see amazing native cultures, but they are WRONG!  America has some wonderful experiences that will set the stage for learning about different cultures all over the world.

The Chief’s Mound
The Stairs to the Top!
Almost There!!
Hard to see, but from the top you can see the Wood Henge
Wood Henge, a Sun Calendar
Inside the exhibit hall and museum
Wonderful life size diaromas
Amazingly life like and informative
Lots of hands on and interactive exhibits

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