A vote in favor of Johnson

Before the winter holidays we visited family in Tennessee and we were happy to hear that a presidential home was within an hour’s drive.  We had been trying to focus on presidents up through the Civil War, but it was convenient to be able to visit this home while we were here.  Because of the great interpreters at the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site we were able to visit the homesite and explore the visitor center and come away with a better understanding of what happened in America during the time of ‘reconstruction’ and what happened when congress impeached him. This did a great job of tying together the end of the Civil War curriculum, and we can now check off the 17th President from our list of presidential homes.

Wonderful statue in the heart of Greeneville, Tennessee

We learned about the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, and the last of which will help to set up a platform for teaching about suffrage in the future.

Casting a ballot in favor of Johnson
After a tour of the family homestead…



My daughter’s favorite ranger ‘Luther’ swore her in, dressed in period clothing of course.




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