Davy Crockett ‘King of the Wild Frontier!!’

I am a firm believer in Karma… and I don’t know if that is what blessed us on this trip or not, but I am sure it will have a positive affect going forward.  We visited two Davy Crockett sites near Rogersville, Tennessee.  One was a state site, that I am assuming that because it was winter they didn’t have much going on.  It was the birthplace, there was a log cabin and and a park, but the visitor center had no programs or even any assistance / information for us.  It was what it was, a nice place to take some pictures.



The next site we went to was on a hunch.  A relative mentioned that there was a tavern in Morristown, Tennessee that had some ‘Crockett stuff’.  So since we were in the area we decided to check it out.  Upon getting to the site, we weren’t too convinced there would be anything to see there.  We pulled into the parking lot, and noticed another, what we presumed to be a, visitor.  G ran up and announced that they were closed until May.  The woman asked where we were visiting from and we told her about traveling and homeschooling, and she then told us that she was there getting the mail and that she would let us in, since we had travelled from Pennsylvania at that point.  WE WERE THRILLED!

Not only did she ‘let us take a peak inside’, she gave us what I feel was a very informative talk and did a great job of entertaining and educating G.


A real bear skin rug!
Strike a pose!
Not only did they have a Coon skin cap, but they also had a Fox skin cap, as well!


The woman also let G hold a rifle like the kind that Davy Crockett would have used, but the pictures need some work, so we will post them later.

G’s impersonation of Sleeping Beauty
We also were shown this interesting ‘brick’ which will come in handy when we are studying more about Boston during the Revolutionary War!


I would encourage anyone traveling to or through Tennessee to stop by the #CrockettTavernMuseum and visit their website crocketttavernmuseum.org


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