Sunny, Sleepy, Spooky!


A few years ago G and I went to visit family North of NYC.  We realized that they lived very close to Tarrytown, NY, the home of Washington Irving and ‘Sleepy Hollow!’  We made plans (in our heads) to some day make it back North to visit during October!  This year we finally got our wish!  We again used airbnb, stayed with a nice family in Yonkers.  We were able to visit Lyndhurst, Sunnyside, Sleepy Hollow cemetery, and The Blaze!  What a great adventure!  When we went last time G was about 6 or 7 yro.  We purchased the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle on CD and enjoyed listening to it during the Fall season.  This time, since we also went to Salem we took advantage of the writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne. We listened to The Scarlett Letter and we are still working on The House of the Seven Gables.  We did two tours of that home as well as one of Salem itself, and a few other touristy sites, including a wonderful production at The Gallows Hill Theater, which I can’t go on more about, it was THAT GOOD!  We went to their standard production about Witches and Ghosts, and it was a comp production because the Edgar Allen Poe event that we had tickets for got cancelled.  Although we were disappointed, they refunded our tickets AND gave us comps for their standard show and also their new haunted house, The Lost Museum, which we found entertaining.  The Witch and Ghost Experience was very well done for a small theater, and I think that was my favorite show in Salem (of the ones we attended).  If I wasn’t still working we would have liked to attend the Sleepy Hollow Parade, but we did participate IN the Salem Parade, since it was the 100th anniversary of the NPS, we were ‘honored’ guests!  G and I were even in the Salem Gazette!  Definitely both worth visiting. We had hoped to get to Salem for Halloween Night, but ended up in Beacon Hill, and that was OK with us, got finished early, 7:30!  We normally go until 9 pm, but the costume was more detailed this year and we didn’t have a place to ‘take a dump’ as G refers to it 😉  We also went to the Union Church at Pocantico Hills! Wish we had pictures of the insides, alas, just from the outside.


The Bridge at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Welcome to Sleepy Hollow!

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