Day before ‘Launch’

It’s the day before the ‘Big Day’!  G and I are extremely excited!  We are taking about 3 days to stop off at a friend’s home, near our storage unit, to test out everything, get some advice and see if our friend’s husband (a handy man) can brainstorm some ideas with us about improvements that we can do ourselves pretty easily.  This will give us time to put some of our extras into storage and get other things that we have had to do without IN.  After that, we do the first leg of our trip up to Connecticut.  The AMAZING thing is, we have joined a FB page called Fulltime Families that has given us a good deal of priceless advice.  We bought an instant pot- still waiting to try it out… and the most exciting thing thus far?!?  HARVEST HOSTS!  By far this seems the most promising thing for us, right up our alley!

Harvest Hosts for a small membership fee (good for those of us on a VERY fixed income) allows RVers to stay at Farms, Vineyards, and Museums for free (of course it will be hard to leave without a souvenir) You get the opportunity to learn hands on about how Farms, Vineyards, and Museums work, with plenty of time to get your hands dirty and your mind filled!  Our first stop is going to be Roses Berry Farm!!

All the details about how Harvest Hosts can be found here:

And stayed tuned for more!  We hope to post further information about the different places we stay at, and LOTS of photos!

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