Dark Skies!


G and I went to the Acadia Night Skies event where we got to listen to speaker Dava Sobel.  Ms Sobel is a writer who specializes in Scientific topics.  She wrote ‘The Glass Universe’ about the ladies of the Harvard observatory.   G even got to meet Dava up close and personal, after asking her the question of the hour, ‘Is it URanus or URANus?’  The answer: URanus, like the Goddess.


Dava even signed a note to G’s teacher and class (while she was in PS briefly) to inform them of the correct pronunciation of Uranus.

DSC_0013 (2)

Another interesting part of the night?  This was held in the Criterion Theater, known for being a Speakeasy during prohibition!

The hidden area was transformed into a green room, but because of the liability we couldn’t visit that area.  The other cool part of history was the telephones that linked the theater with the speakeasy.


Didn’t get a good shot of the theater, but here are the phones… the ladies in the ticket booth could see the fuzz coming and warn patrons!




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