Fort Monroe: a Hidden Gem of History


At first glance, you would think that Fort Monroe is like any other fort.  A big stone fortress, with guns and rooms, that musty old smell of history.  But once you start reading about the purpose it served, you realize what an important job it had.  It isn’t like a lot of forts that serve as a living quarters to soldiers, as a place to store supplies and munitions.   It was so much more than that.


It offered sanctuary to persons seeking freedom.

It acted as a prison for one who led the resistance

The Flag that reminded Jefferson Davis that we are the UNITED states of America

Just a few feet away,a plaque, this island stands where a people began a fight for over 200 years to regain their independence.


Fort Monroe also served as a prison of a different sort, for a man who would become one of America’s most revered authors


This fort was linked to heroes of all types, on land and in the air

G reading about the Redtail squadron of the Tuskegee Airmen!

So much history hidden in a tiny fort… and just down the way is historic Hampton University and its beautiful Emancipation Oak.  Designated as one of the great 10 trees in the world by National Geographic Society, this tree served as classroom to ‘contraband’ that were running toward freedom as well as to shelter those who would hear for the first time Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which lead Emancipation Oak to its nickname.


An amazing site, an amazing visit.

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