Fried Green Tomatoes @ the Whistle Stop Cafe!


One of the things that I do with G to make things interesting, and to make sure that the books that we read have an impact, is use site specific learning.  Wherever we travel, I try to find books on the Mensa list that would tie into the actual area we are visiting.  While in Alabama, we visited ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’  ‘Miracle Worker’ and ‘The Story of my Life,’ ‘The Great Gatsby,’ ‘Gone with the Wind,’ and ‘Fried Green Tomatoes.’  We went to many author’s homes and any place where we could make a connection to these books.  It took a little doing, but we were able to find the actual cafe where ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ was filmed. On the way home we got lost, and ended up finding the town where the house and railroad scenes were filmed.  HOW LUCKY WAS THAT!


The train was just coming by when I snapped the picture… When we went around back we could see where Frank Bennett was ‘buried’ and in the distance was Smokey Lonesome’s shack.

Inside we had fried green tomatoes, of course. We also had some of Bennet’s Pulled Pork.  DSC_1206DSC_1211

We had to do a little hunting, but we found the trail that led out to the reservoir.  The site where Idgy, Buddy, and Ruth are walking across the water and Buddy is telling the story about the ducks.


In addition to seeing originals from the booth above, to the window below…


The highlight in my mind was being able to see the house and tree at Idgy’s childhood home, and hanging over the bridge overlooking the railroad tracks where Buddy and Buddy Jr were injured.


It really helped the book to stick.

I hope to continue doing these types of site specific learning experiences as long as we have the ability to travel.  If you have any favorite books that are site specific. Please share in the comments or drop us a message!

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